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Welcome to Myopia Solution

       Dear visitor, you come here either for curiosity or really want to check out that if there is a way to improve your or your loved ones’ myopia vision and eventually get rid of the glasses.About 30 percent of people in the world have myopia problem and most of them started at their teenage period when the school work load increase significantly, young students have no choice but endlessly reading and writing, the eyes suffer tremendous accommodation stress for prolong time without rest, the myopia vision problem starts to develop, the vision gets worse when they grow up, they have to wear glasses for rest of their life. In general speaking, no one wants to wear glasses or contact lenses, because wearing glasses or contact lenses really causes great inconvenience in people's daily life, that is why many people choose to have expensive LASIK surgery to reshape the cornea. Everyone with vision problem has a dream that his/her vision can be restored to normal in someday, and no more glasses or contact lenses in his/her life. The best way to solve the myopia problem is to prevent it from happening. However, in the real life of students, if they want to prevent the myopia happening, they have to have more time to let their eyes rest and less time to study, this will affect their school works and grades, students and parents have to face such dilemma; it is also in people’s deep mind that the vision with myopia problem cannot be reversed or it is mission impossible; this is because that there is no such technology available to reverse the myopia vision. Now with the patented invention of the vision restoration glasses, the dilemma can be solved and the myopia vision can be restored for people with simple myopia caused by extensive vision stress due to prolong reading, writing and other close works, the dream becomes true. The D model and J model vision restoration glasses can significantly reduce the accommodation stress of eyes for close works such as reading and writing, make the eyes healthier and much less tiredness for prolong close works, and prevent the myopia happening for normal vision eyes. Please navigate the “You must know” section to get more detailed information and optical theory background of the vision restoration glasses and to see if your or your loved ones’ vision can be improved or completely restored to normal condition by this vision restoration glasses. The vision restoration glasses have been used by thousands and thousands people in seven years, it is well proved that it is safe to use and very effective, so far no rebound of near sightedness (myopia) has been reported after the full vision restoration by the vision restoration glasses. However, after age of 40, the efficiency of the vision restoration glasses apparently decreases with ages, read the "Function of eye" for the detailed information. So if you are really serious about getting rid of the glasses or do not want your kids having myopia problem, act now. The price is very affordable. Your trial is risk free and satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. As long as you follow the direction, you will success. Thank you for your visit.

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